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Elena Bogdanova
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Bachelor Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

The Department of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management has been a platform for the reference entity of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property in the Northwestern Federal District since 2006.

The Department conducts academic, research, project and international activities, which are coordinated and assessed by the Expert Council on Intellectual Property of the Northwestern Federal District.

The academic activities include master's programs, further vocational education programs and Summer Schools.

The master's programs of the department include: 

27.04.05 Innovation Science 

Innovative Activities and Entrepreneurial Management;

International Cooperation in Managing Results of Innovative Activities

27.04.08 Intellectual Property Management (since 2016) 

Management and Organization of Intellectual Property Turnover

Patent Law

Further vocational education programs:

Program for getting the "Patent specialist (specialist in the field of intellectual property)" qualification

The program is unique and has no counterparts in Russia.

Summer schools

The main goal of the summer schools is training students in the field of intellectual property within a short time. Summer schools are open to participants from all over the world, and offer a unique experience in training and getting skills in the field of intellectual property.

From 2008 till 2015, the Department of Intellectual Property and Innovation Management has been conducting the Russian Summer School of the WIPO Academy (WIPO-RUSSIA) in collaboration with the Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property.  Since 2016, WIPO's summer schools are conducted in different regions of Russia; in January, 2016, a new school on intellectual property has been opened on the basis of the department - IP-SCHOOL ITMO.


The department conducts research as part of the "Modernization of innovative environment for effective development of Russian economy" school of sciences, founded in 2008 by Professor E.L. Bogdanova, and the "Intellectual Property and Innovation Science" research group of the Russian Academy of Sciences, founded in 2011.

Project activity

The department is currently working on the following projects:

"Days of Intellectual Property in the Northwestern Federal District" project;

Contests for school and university students, research students and specialists in the field of intellectual property;

Exhibitions: international exhibition "School project as a step to the future"

Business projects. IPHab ITMO

International activity

Since September, 2011, the department has been part of Rospatent and WIPO's project on creating a network of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs), which are to ease access to technical knowledge and increase the efficiency of using patent information in regional centers for scientific and technical information of different countries.

The department complements the project activity of the Technology and Innovation Support Center of the Institute of International Business and Law.

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