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Being an integral part of Information Technologies and Programming domain, the High-Performance Computing Department (HPC) has emerged as a sub-department of IT and Programming Department in 2010. Professor Alexander Boukhanovsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, is the head of the HPC Department and the director of the eScience Research Institute.

In 2012, HPC Department ITMO University and University of Amsterdam (UvA) launched a double-degree Master's program in Supercomputer Technologies in Interdisciplinary Research. Since then it has launched three more Master’s programs: 

  • Big Data and Extreme Computing
  • Urban Supercomputing
  • Computational Biomedicine (launch in 2016)

These programs last two years and give 120 ECTS credits. During the first year (60 ECTS) students study at ITMO University, and the second year (60 ECTS) they spend in UvA. The credits earned in the partner university are mutually recognized by the other partner. All lectures are delivered by leading professors from ITMO University, other top universities in Russia and abroad, including the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

The education in ITMO University is free. Good students receive a small scholarship and in addition have a chance to work in research projects. The tuition fee in UvA (only in our double-degree program) is 1900 Euro, 10 times lower than it would be for a regular foreign student from outside of the European Union.

One of the competitive advantages of the double-degree master program from ITMO University and UvA is its novelty and uniqueness. This program will teach students to build computational models from real life observations, to turn these models into computational codes and to perform large-scale simulations. These skills are in high demand in Russian and foreign companies, both in industry and academia. And the second degree from a TOP-100 university gives extra opportunities to go for a PhD in prestigious universities or work in international corporations, where Russian degree would not mean as much as a degree from the University of Amsterdam.

In addition to the regular studies, the students participate in the annual Young Scientists Conferences (YSC) and Summer Schools organized by ITMO University, UvA and other partner universities.

Prerequisites for Undergraduates

In the end, students defend their master thesis and obtain two Master's degrees: from UvA and from ITMO University.

  • Bachelor's degree in STEM, in particular, ICT and Programming
  • Standard data structures and algorithms, programming skills in C ++ / C # / Java
  • Ability to apply modern mathematical packages and data processing languages (Python / R / MathCAD / MatLab)
  • Upper Intermediate knowledge of English (IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL more that 95)

As mentioned above students study at the program full time for two years (24 months). The program starts in September. The admission process begins in March of that year. The applicants fill in an application form in either English or Russian online before 25 June. Foreign applicants who need a student visa should submit their documents before 1 April. To enroll to ITMO University an applicant should pass the entry interdisciplinary exam held in the first half of July. 

During the second semester at ITMO University, to enroll to the University of Amsterdam a prospective student should fill in a UvA application form before 1 February, then submit the results of an English Language test before 1 May, and provide the transcript of records in July. Students are then enrolled to UvA in July and receive the residence permit and visa before 15 July. After that students register for the first-block courses, 4 weeks before the start of the academic year. 

Each student works closely with two research advisors, one from ITMO University, and one from the University of Amsterdam. Master’s thesis is defended in English at ITMO University with the participation of the official representatives of the University of Amsterdam. Upon successful completion of the requirements of both Universities, students earn two Master’s diplomas, one from each university.

In the end of the second year, students have to defend their Master's thesis. The option to submit the thesis only in English, without a Russian translation, is one of the many unique features of our program. The united examination board consists of experts from both universities and the representatives of other research and educational institutions and business organizations (prospective employers). 


Each Master’s student has the opportunity to work on research projects in their area of study by joining the eScience Research Institute team as an employee. Students can also participate in leading national and international conferences, projects, and workshops. Graduates have the option of continuing their career in science by enrolling in postgraduate studies or applying for competitive jobs in Russia and abroad.

Statistics of salary offers in Russia based on over 2 million open positions collected from more than a hundred job search requests in websites Superjob.ru, HeadHunter.ru, Rabota.ru, Job.ru shows that the highest salary is offered to Engineering positions with higher education degrees in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, IT, etc. In St. Petersburg, ITMO University graduates can earn twice as much, working as researchers, programmers, web-designers and alike. The demand for master programs in IСT and Computational Science steadily grows and appears a lucrative undertaking for potential students.

About the eScience Research Institute

The eScience Research Institute was founded at ITMO University in November 2007 as an interdepartmental division for interdisciplinary research using computer technologies. Since then, the eScience Research Institute has been successfully implementing ambitious projects from Russian and foreign contractors funded by the Russian Ministry of Science and Education, EC, and large commercial enterprises.

Contacts and Information

4 Birzevaya Liniya, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 199034

Phone: +7 812 337-6494

E-mail: hpc-magistr@corp.ifmo.ru

For more information please visit: 

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