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Roman Polozkov

Engineer preparation is held in the following directions

230201 Information systems and technologies.

The Department of Physics as the University’s Department of general education provides teaching of the course of general physics in two educational programs (standard and extended) in the amount of 324 or 500 academic hours for all of the both full-time and part-time faculties. Lectures, practical and laboratory works are delivered during 1-4 semesters for the first and second year students; the program can be finished by passing tests and examinations at the end of each semester.

The Department is equipped with educational laboratory equipment for all of the sections of physics; in addition to traditional computerized educational laboratories the Department has also specialized for electromagnetism, oscillatory processes, wave and quantum optics ones.

The Department operates a separate computer laboratory for knowledge testing, processing of experimental data and also for students to complete the calculation and graphical part of their course projects and research papers.

Since the establishment of the Department of Natural Sciences in 1994 the Department of Physics provides a course of special educational disciplines with annual graduation of a particular group of students majoring in computer technologies with the qualification of an engineer and a teacher.

The Department of Physics as a structural division of the LITMO has existed since 1930 when the University was established.


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